El Rincón de Roberto

El Rincón de Roberto

     Our hotel stands out for its grill restaurant, with capacity for 68 people, , which makes it the perfect choice for a gastronomic getaway. 

     If El Rincón de Roberto is characterized by something, it is for its carefully chosen and select menu. In it you can find from tasty cuts of meat to excellent seafood and fish from the Galician estuaries, all prepared with our most careful care and dedication. Be sure to try our exquisite specialties: seafood rice dishes and grilled fish.

     El Rincón de Roberto keeps its doors open all year round to always offer its friends and customers the best traditional Galician food based on the best products from the sea and the land.


Our history

     Heir to a family tradition of more than three decades in traditional Galician cuisine, Roberto Pardo is the alma mater of El Rincón de Roberto. It is a unique restaurant due to its unique essence that masterfully combines sophistication, family treatment and the inimitable touch of traditional home cooking.

     Each visit to El Rincón is an intense experience of pleasure, warmth of home and love for Galicia and its traditions. Each meal and each dinner is an opportunity to rediscover the flavours, aromas and textures that made Galicia one of the leading gastronomic destinations in Europe. Do not hesitate and come and enjoy the best rest in Duerming Natura Petit Hotel and the best gastronomy in El Rincón de Roberto!


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