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DuermingBeds is a hotel chain that offers a wide variety of accommodation, hotels, apartments, rural houses, holiday homes ... distributed among different provinces of Spain. Discover them with your partner, family, group of friends, if you come for business ... And benefit from the best offers and exclusive discounts on our official website.

In DuermingBeds you will find accommodation with an excellent value for money, which will satisfy your expectations. Get the best rate guaranteed at www.duermingbeds.com. Choose your ideal hotel or apartment by type of stay.


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Tourist accommodation in Spain

DuermingBeds offers you apartments, rural houses, vacation homes, pet hotels, beach hotels and much more. Everything to make your stay an unforgettable memory.

Select your accommodation in the best holiday areas in Galicia and Asturias with a total guarantee of quality and comfort.

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At DuermingBeds we have the ideal accommodation whatever your type of trip and stay, hotels, apartments, rural tourism ... choose your DuermingBeds destination!