Your apartments in Sanxenxo

Come and enjoy the Rías Baixas

     Duerming Caramés apartments are located in the municipality of Aios, belonging to the town of Sanxenxo. It stands out for its natural beauty and its delicious gastronomy and tranquility, which make it an ideal destination to enjoy the Rías Baixas.


The best sunsets with views of the islands

     In Sanxenxo you can enjoy the best sunsets from the most famous banks of the Rías Baixas. These are located in Punta Faxilda, on Pragueira beach and on Outeiriño Island, and have privileged views of the Cies Islands, Onza Island, Ons Islands, Salvora, Punta de San Vicente.


Discover the cities of Pontevedra and Vigo

     Tour the coasts of the Rías Baixas and enjoy the wonderful towns they offer. Among them are Pontevedra and Vigo, very close to Duerming Apartamentos Caramés. In Pontevedra we recommend you stroll through its historic quarter, walking its streets and enjoying the good delicacies on offer. Vigo is the largest city in Galicia, full of seafaring tradition, industry and innovation, which also has a historic quarter, and also offers the perfect combination of beach and mountains, since, in addition to the famous Samil beach, it has parks near the city.



Duerming Caramés Apartamentos

Lugar de Aios, 4 - Noalla. 36990 Sanxenxo (Pontevedra)

(+34) 608 144471