Discover the Rías Baixas

A natural environment of great beauty

Poio stands out as a touristic destination, because of the great cultural, landscape and gastronomic it offers. A destination just 4km from Pontevedra capital but that maintains the essence of the purest and most traditional Galicia. With the sea one step away, the city to another and all the Rías Baixas to discover, Poio has become an ideal enclave for couples or families who want to know Galicia staying in a rural, quiet and sustainable environment.

Near Poio and culturally, highlights the Historical Center of Combarro, declared Joint Artistic and Picturesque interest since 1972. A place that often appears on the lists of national destinations with more charm. Undoubtedly, a place to visit during your stay at the Duerming O Casal da Martiña Apartments.

In Poio, the Monastery of San Xoán de Poio, the ruts of the muiños or the Casa de Colón are also some of the destinations most frequented by tourists. It is believed that Cristóbal Colón resided for a time in Casa Colón, so that was the reason that a museum has been built in his name.

Landscapes and gastronomy in its purest form

As for beach landscapes, the municipality of Poio has 20 kilometers of coastline with various options for taking a dip. If you like urban or semi-urban beaches, do not miss those of Xiorto, Sinás or Campelo. If you are more of the rural and enjoy less people, go to those of Laño or Cabecera. And of course, being in the Rías Baixas if you should not miss something you are our most traditional dishes. Taste our seafood (one of the best in the whole world), octopus á feira, patty, pork ham, tetilla cheese, turnip tops with potatoes or try some of our most authentic wines: ribeiro, albariño...

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