Accomodation Categories

Accomodation Categories

DuermingBeds on the Camino de Santiago

       Thousands of people decide, year after year, to walk the Camino de Santiago taking its different routes. Whether on foot, by bike, on horseback or in the way you decide to make your route, we know that the effort and fatigue of the road require attention and accommodation focused on the pilgrim. For this reason, at DuermingBeds we have exclusive services designed specifically for pilgrims in all the accommodations located on one of the Jacobean routes.

      Special hours for breakfast, garage for bicycles ... Options to make your stay with us comfortable and you can recover before starting a new journey on the road.

Beach DuermingBeds

     We know that there is nothing better than a relaxing vacation at the beach. For this reason, DuermingBeds offers to its clients a selection of accommodation that, in addition to all kinds of amenities and services, are close to Galician´s beach. Choose the accommodation that best suits your preferences or your travel plan and take advantage of the best online prices for DuermingBeds beach accommodations.

Accommodation for families DuermingBeds

      DuermingBeds bets on family tourism!!

     We have a wide selection of hotels, apartments, rural houses, holiday homes, that are especially recommended for family trips, because of their location, their characteristics and services they offer or the activities they schedule.

      Discover your DuermingBeds hotel designed for family trips and book it online at the best price!!

Dog friendly DuermingBeds

     DuermingBeds knows your pet is a member of your family and that your vacation is not complete without it, that is why we work for you to stay with us, but nowadays we only accept dogs. If this is your case or you don't find the ideal place to go with your dog on your holidays, do not hesitate and book your stay at any of our hotels and apartments "Not without my pet". Our hotels and apartments for pets of DuermingBeds not only admit the stay with your furry friend but also, they are specially designed to make your stay with your dog as comfortable as possible.

Check the special conditions and mandatory regulations.

Accommodations with the smell of nature in DuermingBeds

     At DuermingBeds we have accommodations near natural and rural paradises specially designed for those who like to enjoy nature during their holiday stay. If what you are looking for is a vacation or a weekend getaway outdoors, on this page you will find all the DuermingBeds accommodation located in natural surroundings.

DuermingBeds city accommodations

      Come and enjoy the local gastronomy, getting lost in the corners of each city, by the hand of DuermingBeds. Rest in our accommodations located in the historic center of the city. Discover them and book online at the best price!

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