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Book your stay in Sarria during your Jacobean route

The two-star hotel Duerming Villa de Sarria is located right in the center of the town of Sarria. A town that, if something is known, is for being one of the most traveled by pilgrims from around the world during his Camino de Santiago. Being just over 100 kilometers from Santiago de Compostela (the minimum required to obtain the Compostela), many are the walkers who choose Sarria as a starting point on their route to the Cathedral.

Apart from being the starting point for many pilgrims, Sarria is one of the first places on the Camino de Santiago and within Galicia. It is situated at the intermediate point between stages 26 and 27 of the French Way. Regular rest area for all those pilgrims who reach the town after traveling 18km on foot from Triacastela and are ready to travel the following 22km that will lead them to Portomarín.

Although the stage of arrival at Sarria is not particularly hard and has an affordable mileage, it is important to regain strength as the next 13 kilometers to Portomarín are known as a "rompepiernas" (legs breaker). Whether it is walking or cycling, it is important that you take your energy and rest in an accommodation with all the comforts before starting stage 27. And what better way to do it at the Hotel Duerming Villa de Sarria.

A lodging service specially designed for the pilgrim

The Hotel Duerming Villa de Sarria has services and facilities specially designed for the pilgrim. We have garage service to store your car throughout the Camino, bicycle space if you do the Camino on two wheels and a special breakfast schedule starting at 6am. The earliest pilgrims will be able to recharge their batteries soon, before starting a new stage.

Duerming Villa de Sarria Hotel

C/ Benigno Quiroga, 49. 27600 Sarria (Lugo)

(+34) 982 533 873 I (+34) 696 35 33 71