Activities to enjoy as a couple or as a family

What to do in Sarria during your stay at our hotel?

While the main activity in Sarria is around the Camino de Santiago, there are also many activities that can be performed both as a couple and family in environments close to the town. The first thing you must do during your stay at the Hotel Duerming Villa de Sarria is to discover the monuments and places of interest that the town of Sarria offers.

The route through Sarria consists of visiting the following points of interest: the church of Santa María de Corvelle, a Romanesque style church dating from the XII-XIII century. The church of Santa María de Albán, of the same style and dated in the XII century. The Mercede Convent of the 16th century. The Tower of the Fortress and the Pazo de Tumbiadoiro from the 16th century. An itinerary that will amaze you, if you like architecture and history.

Visit the Monastery of Samos and the Bread Museum

Just 30 minutes from Sarria is the Monastery of Samos. A spectacular stone building built in the 6th century and belonging to the order of the Benedictines. Located on the banks of the Sarria River, this monastery is an important stop for pilgrims who make the route between Triacastela and Sarria. Marvel at your Romanesque portal, its Fountain of the Nereids, its spectacular library and its church. Without a doubt, a must-see during your stay in Sarria.

Returning to Sarria, we find the Ethnographic Museum of Bread. A museum founded because of  the Pallares Bakery, the oldest in the province of Lugo. Years of work have made this family establishment one of the most emblematic of the town and has given rise to this small museum in which photos, machinery and memories are shown about the making of bread in Sarria.

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