Enjoy our Galician parish

The parish of Noalla stands out for being, of the entire municipality of Sanxenxo, the one with the most kilometers of sand. Among its beaches, we can name La Playa de La Lanzada, known for its open sea and the waves that surfers demand so much throughout the year. Lapa Beach has a half-shell shape as it is located between Area Gorda Beach, separated only by the islet of the Doctor, and La Lanzada. We also find small coves, such as A Nosa Señora, located at the foot of the hermitage of A Lanzada, between the beaches of Foxos and Area Gorda. It has two remarkable areas: one with fine white sand and the other with thicker sand where rocks and large boulders are frequent. And for the more daring, we have a quiet nudist beach, the only one of its kind in all of Sanxenxo. Little or nothing visible from the main road, sheltered from the winds thanks to the rocks that surround it.

If you are looking for what to see or do in the area, Civitatis offers you a varied catalog of activities and guided tours so that you can enjoy your stay at Duerming Ardora to the fullest. Don't hesitate and book your hotel in Sanxenxo now and include the activities that you like the most!


Lovers of popular architecture

In Noalla, you can visit the parish church, in the Romanesque style, or the Ermida da Nosa Señora da Lanzada, located in a corner of A Lanzada beach, on one of the projections towards the sea, surrounded by an old fortress today in ruins.

We also have the Pazo Quintáns, a building with an L-shaped plan, surrounded by a magnificent wall of very well worked granite ashlar masonry, and it has a large granary.

For lovers of landscapes

We recommend watching the sunset at the Mirador As Canteiras, a viewpoint with views over the isthmus of A Lanzada, the island of Ons and the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean.

And of course, the bank located in Punta Faxilda, from which you can see the Cies Islands, Isla de Onza, Ons, Salvora, Punta de San Vicente and even the province of A Coruña.

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