The Duerming Rua Travesa Apartments, located in the downtown area of Santiago de Compostela

Enjoy an ideal accommodation in the historical center

The Duerming Rua Travesa Apartments are located in the northeast area of Santiago de Compostela, in the historical center. A priviledge location ideal for anyone who wants to explore the city but does not have a means of transport to move around. Thanks to the downtown location of our apartments, you will be able to see the main tourist spots of the city a few minutes away on foot from your room. You can come to explore the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral only 2 minutes away on foot from your apartment. Or take a selfie in the Obradoiro Square with the famous white horse of the Apostle Santiago. Also, you can walk around the most emblematic streets and squares in the historical center of the city and see some of the most important museums in Galicia like the Galician Centre of Contemporary Art or the Museo do Pobo Galego. All of this while knowing that your room is only a few minutes away.

In Santiago de Compostela and its surroundings there are countless plans to do and places to visit. Civitatis puts at your disposal a varied offer of activities and excursions to complete your stay at Duerming Rúa Travesa. Book your stay now and include the plan that you like the most!

Santiago de Compostela, a World Heritage Site

Santiago de Compostela is one of the 15 cities declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO in Spain. This distinction attracts thousands of tourists every year that want to explore the city and walk around its monumental streets. Its architechtural and scenic value leaves everyone in awe. Even more for the pilgrims that arrive at Santiago Cathedral at the end of their Jacobean route. Enjoy your accommodation in the downtown area of the city in the Duerming Rua Travesa Apartments and walk around the streets of Santiago de Compostela looking for the ideal restaurant for you to taste the traditional Galician gastronomy. Delve into the spectacular Abastos Square, only meters away from your apartment, where you will be able to taste the traditional tapas, lacón or empanada, a glass of wine and some Galician music. And if what you are looking for is the picture that will remind you of your stay in Santiago de Compostela, only 5 minutes away from the Duerming Rua Travesa Apartments you will find the Alameda Park. Walk around it to find the ideal spot to immortalize a panoramic view of the Cathedral. Since you are there, you should look for the sculpture of ‘Las Marías’, two real characters in the city that became part of the history of the people of Santiago de Compostela because of their tradition of walking around the park at two in the afternoon with its peculiar way of dressing, that was improper to that time.

Duerming Rua Travesa

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